Bill Gates says ‘the right way to do this’ is to use technology to combat climate change

Bill Gates says ‘the right way to do this’ is to use technology to combat climate change

September 10, 2021 Comments Off on Bill Gates says ‘the right way to do this’ is to use technology to combat climate change By admin

A Microsoft executive has said that “the right thing to do” is to harness technology to fight climate change.

Bill Gates told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that his company will work to create a better world by harnessing artificial intelligence and other technologies to better adapt to changing climate and fight climate-related disasters.

“What you can do is to put a bunch of sensors in the cloud, and you can put those sensors in different places in the world, and then when it rains, it can tell people, ‘Hey, this is the place that it’s going to rain, and this is where we need to make sure we are going to get the water,'” Gates said.

“And that’s the best thing that we can do.”

The tech mogul also said he will continue to invest in the US military, as he has done for decades.

“We have to be smarter about the way we operate in the future, because the world is changing, and I think the way you do that is to go forward with the right technologies,” Gates said, referring to artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence-enabled robotics and the like.

“That’s the way to fight global warming, and to have a better future.”

Gates was asked by host Joe Kernen about climate change and the impact of climate change on the US economy.

“In my view, it’s not just the economy, it is a threat to the planet and it’s a threat that has to be confronted.

The world needs to get more efficient and better at managing the climate,” Gates responded.”

I think the right thing for us to do is make sure that we do that, and we need all of the tools we have to do that.”

Gated said his company is also working to develop its own technology that will help protect the planet from disasters and to help reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

“It is a fundamental goal of the company to use all of our resources, including our intellectual property, to try to make this world a better place,” Gates added.

“Our vision is to make the world a healthier, safer, better place.

And we want to see it happen sooner rather than later.”

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