How ‘Ozark’ author Tom Wolfe’s ‘OZARK’ series changed my life: Here’s how my books changed my son’s life

How ‘Ozark’ author Tom Wolfe’s ‘OZARK’ series changed my life: Here’s how my books changed my son’s life

August 5, 2021 Comments Off on How ‘Ozark’ author Tom Wolfe’s ‘OZARK’ series changed my life: Here’s how my books changed my son’s life By admin

The New York Times published a lengthy piece yesterday titled “How ‘Ozzark’ Author Tom Wolfe Changed My Life,” about a book by his father, Ozzald.

In it, Tom Wolfe writes that his father was one of the most important people in his life.

“He was a kind, gentle, loving man,” Tom writes.

“I will miss him deeply.”

In the piece, Tom goes on to describe the man who inspired his early childhood, Ozzy Osbourne, and the man he would eventually become.

“My father was not a racist, he was not anti-Semitic, he never said anything hateful about anyone,” Tom wrote.

“And when he died, I was blessed to know his name.”

The article continues to explain how “Ozzarks’ story” had influenced the young Tom, including the book “Ozzy’s Revenge,” a collection of poems by Osbourne.

The book was also published in the United Kingdom and was released in the US as “Ozarks Revenge.”

Tom writes in the piece that “Ozzi had been writing songs and poems about a family he’d grown up with, and he wanted to write about the Osbournes.

The result of all of this was a collection called Ozzarks Revenge.

It was his story of what a family would look like, how it would live and how it might change.

I had a great deal of fun writing it, and it was the first book that I had ever published that had an emotional impact on my son.”

According to the article, Tom’s son, who has not read the book, is very excited about the book.

“Tom Wolfe’s book was a really important part of my life,” Tom says.

“Ozi was an important part too.

When Ozzark died, my son and I read his book together, and we cried together.

I don’t think Ozzard was ever as happy about that book as he was.”

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