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The biggest threats to bitcoin’s long-term viability

July 25, 2021 Comments Off on The biggest threats to bitcoin’s long-term viability By admin

A new bitcoin price index from bitcoin startup GateLocks looks to the future, offering a snapshot of how the digital currency is poised to evolve over the next decade.

The firm’s report, which measures bitcoin’s value over the past five years, shows the digital asset’s market capitalization is at $6.3 trillion.

That’s up from $3.9 trillion last year and is a major step forward.

It shows that, as a whole, bitcoin is valued at roughly $8.8 trillion, an increase of 30% from the year prior.

This is the first time a new index has been released, and GateLocking’s report offers a glimpse of what bitcoin will look like in the coming years.

It notes that, in 2020, bitcoin will likely be valued at around $1,800.

But if the market price of the asset goes up by 5%, then that’s $2,000.

In 2020, GateLocked sees bitcoin trading at $1.5 trillion.

By 2023, that will be closer to $3 trillion, up from just $1 trillion this year.

By 2029, bitcoin’s market cap is expected to be between $10 trillion and $12 trillion, which represents a 20% increase from this year’s value.

The report says bitcoin is worth around $17 trillion, with a market cap of around $30 trillion.

It also notes that bitcoin will reach $15 trillion by 2032, and it will surpass $17.5 billion by 2033.

That would make bitcoin the largest digital asset in history.

In the 2020s, GateLock estimates bitcoin’s overall market cap will be around $8 trillion.

In 2026, the company estimates bitcoin will be worth about $20 trillion.

It also sees bitcoin’s current market cap hovering around $15.7 trillion.

The price of bitcoin is currently at around 1,300 dollars, and there’s currently a market value of $8,800, according to GateLock.

But that’s down from $849 last year.

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