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What the world needs to know about the Golden Gate National Park

August 20, 2021 Comments Off on What the world needs to know about the Golden Gate National Park By admin

Golden Gate Park, California—In 2016, the park’s natural wonderlands, the Golden gate fields, were declared “vacant”. 

This is an unfortunate outcome for the park and the people of San Francisco.

The natural wonderland was home to more than 2,000 species of wildlife including the rare and endangered Giant panda, the rare San Franciscan black-tailed deer, and the endangered mountain lion. 

This year, however, the field is closed, as are most of the remaining natural wonders of the park. 

It is also the first time since 1875 that the park has lost a natural wonder, which means that the entire park will lose its special identity and identity. 

While this may not be the worst thing in the world, it is the only one that the parks management team is aware of. 

“The Golden Gate is the most unique natural wonder in the park, and it will be lost if we do not maintain and protect it,” says park superintendent Bob Wirth. 

The park is currently planning to reopen this year, but this may be difficult to accomplish. 

When the park was closed in April 2019, it was a huge loss for the community.

The park lost an incredible amount of tourism, a huge amount of cultural and natural resources, and an enormous amount of natural history. 

With the loss of the Golden gates, the only way to continue to draw visitors to the park is to lose its uniqueness. 

According to Wirth, “It is not possible to make this park into a tourist destination and keep it that way.” 

With such a massive loss to the natural wonder of the San Francisco Bay Area, the parks team is not even sure what to do with the park after this year. 

If the park could have been opened to the public in 2018, they would have added the Golden gateway fields, Golden Gate Creek, and Golden Gate Crater to the parks inventory. 

Wirth believes that this would have brought more visitors to San Francisco and the Golden Gates. 

As it stands, the gates are not open to visitors. 

In 2018, Golden gates was the only natural wonder to be closed during the summer months, when the park closed at dusk and closed at dawn. 

Additionally, the city of San Jose has not given permission to open Golden gates gates during these times of year. 

 “It’s sad to think about this natural wonder lost. 

I can’t imagine what would happen if the gates were open,” says Bob Wirk, San Jose Mayor. 

San Francisco will continue to work on restoring the natural wonders at the Goldengate and at the park but is also working to open the gates in the fall. 

What you need to know: • The Golden Gate was the last natural wonder closed in the summer, and was closed to the general public. 

• San Jose will open Golden gate gates in 2019. 

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