What do you think of the gate city idea?

What do you think of the gate city idea?

June 21, 2021 Comments Off on What do you think of the gate city idea? By admin

What do YOU think of a new urban gate?

What do THE PEOPLE think about a new gate city?

The proposed gates would be linked by a pedestrian bridge and a cycleway, to form the gateway to a new park and leisure precinct, which would be designed by the City of Gates.

This is the proposal for a new pedestrian crossing at the edge of the city’s west end, on the edge to a residential estate on the south side of the highway.

A “park and leisure zone” will extend from the proposed crossing to the new park, creating a new area of activity and community, with an estimated population of up to 2,500 people.

Residents of the area, who are not directly affected by the proposed gate, have called for a public consultation to be held in order to “propose a new public space for people of all ages”.

They have also proposed an open space with green spaces and public art.

According to a report published by the city earlier this month, more than 5,500 residents had signed an online petition calling for a park and green space for all ages.

A second petition, by the Gates Alliance, has also been signed, calling for the “creation of a green space on the side of a residential property” and for “the inclusion of an outdoor space for families with children”.

The proposal has been criticised by the local residents.

The Gates Alliance’s deputy mayor, David Hock, told Al Jazeera the “gate city idea is just an urban fairy tale” that has no place in a city.

“The city has always been about people and community,” he said.

“We’re trying to create a place for people to gather together to share their experiences, whether it be with friends or with neighbours, to enjoy a picnic or a stroll.”

The proposed crossing is just a part of the proposed city centre regeneration scheme, which will see an estimated $400 million invested in the area.

A large pedestrian crossing along the highway would connect the city centre to a large, mixed-use precinct, creating an urban hub and an entertainment hub.

Al Jazeera’s Paul J. Richards reports.

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